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Reiki treatment is a hand-on healing that feels wonderful, nurturing and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.  In some cases, the patient goes to sleep during the treatment.


The practitioner may then rest their hands lightly and gently on the body in a sequence of positions, each one being held for a couple of minutes.

It often produces long-term beneficial changes. In most cases the practitioner will suggest a course of four, six or twelve treatments for maximum benefit.



  • Can relieve symptoms of chronic illnesses
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Can help arthritis
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Promotes a sense of well being
  • Helps with physical, mental and emotional problems.

As a general rule, reiki can’t do any harm because it is a form of non-invasive energy healing and will adjust itself to create the most appropriate effect for each individual person. However, although most people feel peaceful and relaxed after treatment, it can stir up emotions as part of the healing process. Some people also experience a healing reaction such as a headache or flu like symptoms, but any discomfort should be short-lived.

In most cases, a course of several treatments is required

30 mins £30.00

45 mins £35.00

60 mins £40.00

75 mins £45.00

Mobile consultations are available to those who are unable to travel to the clinic.

An extra £5.00 charge will apply within 10 miles of the centre.

Payment by cash or cheque only