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I had the immense pleasure of meeting Linda Thursby recently and experiencing an unusual therapeutic treatment called Bodytalk.  It helps people with emotional problems, injuries and much more and is a gentle and non-invasive.  She treated me and I certainly felt less stressed, she also showed the children how to 'tap' themselves in the style of EFT (emotional freedom technique) when they're feeling tired or stressed, we all had great fun!

Janey Lee Grace - The Home of Natural Alternatives

Within minutes of arriving on my first visit to Linda's beautiful Therapy Centre I was staggering around! Linda had identified that my right leg was fractionally longer than my left. This was something I had been mildly aware of for years but had never bothered to investigate nor remedy. Some short, simple and painless manipulation followed; then she asked me to stand up carefully. Why 'carefully'? 
My right leg felt like it had sunk into a shallow trench! I walked along her corridor as if I had imbibed many glasses of Merlot. Within a couple of minutes my brain had adapted to this new posture and normal, easy walking was resumed. 
Linda then showed me a simple exercise to resolve this issue should my pelvic twist reoccur - which it has done. She could have had me returning repeatedly for further treatments but instead, ethically offered me self-healing.
Thanks Linda you are an amazingly knowledgeable and very principled lady.

Chris Liles -

Linda has consistently improved my well being with Body Talk. I have always left feeling lighter, in balance and with a greater understanding of how my body talks to me. If you haven't tried Body Talk with Linda I can highly recommend that you do!”


Tina Wilkins

My wife had some severe problems with her feet which made her unable to walk for any distance without experiencing discomfort or pain. She tried the doctors who recommended her to the local hospital who seemed to just make things worse. We then tried a local physiotherapist who achieved some success but only for 24 hours. I knew Linda through networking events and although both I and my wife were skeptical we thought that we would give it a go. After one visit to Linda, my wife was so much better. We tend to use Linda about every 3 - 4 months and my wife and I enjoy long walks down the beach again. I can happily recommend Linda to anyone who may have any need of her therapies.


Victor Ling

.....After just 2 relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable visits, I can report a vast reduction in the discomfort I have put up with for years... is two days since I ran the marathon and I feel fantastic. It si very unusual to recover so quickly from running such a distance.

..The time spent on the treatment table is so very relaxing, therapeutic and darn right good for you to boot. I always come away with a warm glow, eased pain and a mellow mind.

...I have been told I am developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. Your treatment has stopped the ache appearing as quickly as it used to.

... I was sceptical but it was almost a week later before the niggles came back. I am a therapist too and was so impressed....

...following the proceedure, which took about 10 minutes and is completely pain free, the effect was immediate. My pelvis was completely re-aligned and I could move around pain free.

...The treatment was first class and I came out...feeling refreshed and completely free of any pain...